Monica (Marika's Mom) talks to FOX news

Monica (Marika's Mom) talks to FOX news

Postby Admin » 24 Nov 2009, 20:56

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Re: Monica (Marika's Mom) talks to FOX news

Postby monniewest73 » 25 Nov 2009, 10:07

Thank You so much Kate for helping me get my story out.
I really feel like Im doing the right thing..
I have a radio interview on saturday with our local radio station...
Wow one door has already opened for me an I hope many more continue to open..
I hope all of us parents can get threw tomorrow with the support of our families we should all hopefully be ok.. This is my first thanksgiving with out my beautiful daughter. But Im thankful for the 15 years I had with her.. I have to keep reminding myself that... Because really to me it was not long enough....
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